Chairman’s Message - Ex. Principal A. G. Mulik

This School is the temple of God. It is the abode of learning. It provides a warm, welcoming, safe and secure atmosphere for children. It provides opportunities for all-round development of each and every child. This is our endeavour at G. K.Mulik Eng. Med. School & Junior College, Shirol.

I believe that the complete social transformation can be brought about through the English Medium education.

To make quality English medium education available at the distance of 10 to 15 minutes from home for the children whose parents are desirous off it for their wards and to save the children from long troublesome travel everyday. So we started G. K. Mulik. Eng. Med. School & Junior College at Shirol.

I believe, because of academic development, the family, the community & the country at large get developed and economically stabilised.

G. K. Mulik Eng. Med. School and Junior College will give each child who crosses its portals an education that goes truly beyond the classroom.